Marketing research and audit is a set of actions aimed at studying current cases, identifying problems for change and improvement.


  • National Accounts
  • Local Chains
  • Traditional Trade

«Study, evaluate, analyze!»

We offer services of marketing research and audit in certain outlets in the respective region with further processing of the collected data, namely:

  • Information about the outlet, activity in it (your brand and competitors).
  • Price monitoring.
  • Audit proportion of placement (trademark, in terms of competitors).
  • Availability of an agreed assortment.
  • Gathering information about problems that hinder the required level of sales.
  • Information about Promo Competitors.

The main aspects why business chooses us

We are experts in merchandising service. We help to grow your business to a new level throw direct control and efficient execution. Client’s problem is our problem!

Clear algorithms and instructions.

Full automatization and control of all processes.

Our partners have a possibility to control team: planning, targets, control.

We create effective FTE (Full-Time Equivalent) models.

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