Process automation

«Plan, act, control!»

System brand management on the shelves of outlets allows you to make the most efficient use of resources.

This solution will allow to automate and control the work of employees and effectively interact with customers. Instead of Excel spreadsheets, messengers, many forms – a single service is used. The mobile version of the service simplifies the work, speeds up the right decisions and eliminates errors.

Using many years of experience in the area of merchandising services, we offer an IT service solution that will implement:

  • planning and control of agreements in the network;
  • equipment monitoring and supervision;
  • manage and control the “field team”;
  • communication with the employee who performs work in the outlet;
  • receiving timely and truthful information;
  • sales management in outlets;
  • fast generation of reports, for the analysis of operative reaction.

The methodology of process management and goal achievement is built on the principle: «planning – action – verification – adjustment”».